Share mobile GPRS with PC or Laptop via Bluetooth

In the last tutorial we have learnt, how to properly pair Mobile with Laptop and PC via Bluetooth.  We will now use the same connection to share mobile GPRS using SCOM internet. let us do every thing step by step so that things will get easier to understand and accomplish quickly. therefore, start with configuration straight away!

Review mobile phone’s configuration to share mobile GPRS

First of all go to your mobile phones setting>>connectivity>>packet  data>>packet data settings… now Edit Access point. write access point name sco and packet data access point scomgb. That’s it…. remember this configuration is for nokia mobiles only. However, it works very well in other mobile phones as well.

Bluetooth Tethering

Things required for Bluetooth tethering

  • Bluetooth adapter attached to PC or Laptop internally or externally
  • Bluetooth Enabled mobile
  • GPRS activated on mobile phone

Now pair you mobile with your mobile with laptop to share your mobile GPRS. pairing is easy, click on the bluetooth in the first paragraph in case you find any difficulty.
If you are done with your pairing, configure your phone’s modem to share its network connection.

Configure phone’s modem on PC

First of all go to control Panel>>>Network and Sharing Center and then click on Setup a new connection or network as you can see in the Pic below.

Mobile GPRSNow click on Set up a dialup-Connection to set up a dial-up connection.

dialup-connectionHere choose an appropriate modem from the list for the connection, as for now I choose Standard Modem over Bluetooth link#2, because it is the link we have established between mobile and Laptop via Bluetooth last time.

standard-modem-over-Bluetooh-link-#2Type the Dial-up phone number *99# in the phone number dialogue box, keep User name and Password empty and give a name of your choice to this connection in the Connection name field. And press enter. Now you can see the internet share.



How to update Bluetooth peripheral device driver?

Bluetooth peripheral device driver not found

Some PCs and Laptops do not come with their own built-in Bluetooth Adapters. They need an external adapter to be attached to them in order to connect other Bluetooth enabled devices such a mobiles, pinters etc via Bluetooth,and share mobile GPRS, media files and many more seamlessly between them. consider adding a Bluetooth Adapter of a good quality, if your PC doesn’t already have one. Although, windows 7 operating system detects the device by itself, but device driver software could not be installed properly. So,you need to do some tricks by yourself to update the driver. Just stick to the instructions till the end of the tutorial, hopefully you will find an easy way out.

In this tutorial we will try to learn about how to resolve this issue. The illustrations given below will help you understand the procedure more easily.

Steps to follow:

First of all go to Device manager either via Control Panel >> System >> Device Manage or through right clicking on Computer >> Properties >> Device Manager.


Then on right clicking on the Bluetooth Peripheral Device (can be seen in the picture above), a pop up menu will open up.  Click on Update Driver Software >>>Browse my computer for drivers >>> Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my   computer and now choose Ports (COM & LPT) from the list of drivers.


In the next step you will have to choose Manufacturer >> Microsoft and select the Model >> Standard Serial over Bluetooth link as highlighted in the picture below.

device driver-microsoft-standard serial over Bletooth link

On Clicking Next you will get a warning, ignore everything and click yes.

Finally, you have successfully updated your device driver software.


Now it is testing time. therefore, you will have to check whether bluetooth is updated properly or no Pair your mobile with your PC or Laptop. Pairing is easy; have some fun doing it yourself.  You will have to repeat the same procedure as discussed above for other Bluetooth enabled Peripheral Devices Such as Nokia, Q Mobile and LG etc. I’m sure your attempt will definitely pay off.

If you have more queries regarding it reply with a comment.